Marie’s Hair Tips

Color Melting

Regardless of whether the final outcome is various shades of jade green or a crystal-cool blonde, there’s a fine art to Color Melting. The top “melters” in the business have fine-tuned a few important techniques for successful outcomes. For example, Marie Venter will brush on the darkest color first with a flat hair color brush, then turn the brush on its side and stretch the color downward, forming feathery little strokes. She will then leave a space, brush on the next color, flip the brush on its side and blend the first and second colors together. Once all of the color is brushed on, Marie will also get in there with her fingers and smudge and smoosh the colors together to ensure everything is blended together with no visible lines.

Another Color Melt secret weapon is to use a bonding product during the coloring service. It’s added directly into the color formula in order to keep the integrity of the hair intact during every step of the color process. Using a bonder prevents bond breakage during chemical hair processes and protects the bonds over time.