What is an AdoregeousCurl Cut


Marie’s AdoregeousCurl Cut is her simple way to create a love story between you and your curls.

Designed by:  Marie Venter and Inspired by her Love for Curly Hair and DevaCurl.

There is more than one-way to cut curly hair, says Marie Venter.  “It’s about love, visual observation, intuition, and the best results come from a combination of intuition and technical skill”.  You end up with a love story between you and your curls.

On a more serious note, it is very scary for a curly girl to get a haircut.  While most other curly stylist start their haircuts in the back of the head, leaving the curly girl very nervous and wondering what’s happening behind her head, Marie’s AdoregeousCurl Cut starts in the front/face and side area, and the curly girl is watching the cut unfolding right before her eyes, her nerves have calmed down and she starts feeling Adoregeous.

For the curly girl, all our lives we were told how cute we are, they never said we were beautiful, just cute. Curly girls, let’s get some curl confidence, no more cute curls for us. We are big curls now, we are Adoregeous! Cute and beautiful marry and became one, AdoregeousCurl. A true love story!

Cutting Technique
Dry method;  Cutting each curl where it lives.  Angled, Twisted, Brick Layered, and Dusted to each curls needs.

The AdoregeousCurl Cut is a unique haircut which focuses on a cutting technique that is a structured method as well as the use of Marie’s intuitive skills (cutting each curl where it lives) to cut the hair. Either way, each cut is a customized cut, for each curl pattern. Depending on the density of the hair, Marie – takes a little or takes a lot. Following the curvature of the curl and allowing the curls to marry into each other. Marie cuts the hair in sections, shaking it to see the tightness and start of the wave pattern and to see how it stacks and marries with the other curls. Marie never cuts closer than 5 inches to the scalp to prevent the hair from puffing out. Some curls are angled and some are brick layered. The results are AdoregeousCurl. It all starts with a cute bang (side bang, long bangs, what-ever-bang) and ends with a beautiful sculpted shape. The cut starts with a bang/fringe. Next, the perimeter curls are cut for the desired length and shape desired. Lastly, the beautiful interior curls are cut and will marry into the perimeter curls and cute bang, shaking it to see the tightness and wave pattern as it stacks and marries with the other curls. “This is where cute and beautiful marry”. They became one AdoregeousCurl.

Curl Expert
Marie is a pioneer in the curly world of hair and is truly devoted to the needs of each guest and creates a style that tells their unique story- be it simple, carefree, understated elegance or rocker-chic. She sees curls as a gift. They frame your face, make you look younger and give you individuality. Marie’s clients travel as far as from Alabama (4 hours) for their cut and color services.

Pintura Highlighting
This award-winning method was designed to add gorgeous, light-reflecting highlights to all natural textures. Pintura Highlighting provides the perfect harmony and balance to waves and curls giving brilliance and dimension to beautifully complement your Deva Cut.