Curly Kids

 DevaCurl services is designed for adults only, but I do work on children (12 & under) as long as their mother is very involved to help them on their curly girl journey.


My service requires maturity and a desire to work with your hair. I do have some mature 10-12 year old children, so there are exceptions.


Please realize that children have just as much hair as an adult so prices are the same for all.

How to prepare for a Deva Cut?

 Please have your child’s hair in its natural curly state, as if you are taking them out on a best dress up-day-ever, and to show off their curls to the world with no tangles. 

Leave your hair alone

Marie will cut your child’s curly hair while it is dry, and in its natural state. Arrive at the salon with your curls conditioned, detangled, dried, and un-styled (no twist-outs, no clips, braids, curling or flat irons or any other manipulation). Let your hair hang loosely—accessories like ponytail holders can disrupt your curl pattern. Marie needs to see your true curl type.