Women’s Haircut & Finish

Marie approaches beauty as a whole and each person as an individual. She possesses a unique ability to harmonize the elements of a client’s haircut and color. Marie has a keen understanding and extensive range of hands-on expertise in hair cutting and hair coloring.

Her cutting technique is innovative, done dry-wet and has an uncut look.

Women’s Haircut & Finish 
Women’s Haircut and Finish
Marie’s famous wet/dry haircut. Utilizing both scissors and razor.
Shampoo and Blow-dry
Perfect for a night out or job interview.
Flat Iron/Curling Iron
Extra add-on cost with all services
Deep Conditioner
A great rejuvenating treatment for dry hair
Fridge or Bang Trim
Update for bangs in-between cuts.



The “Uncut” is a Marie Venter wet/dry cutting technique that utilizes both scissor and razor to create a look that appears to be slightly grown out rather than freshly cut. It is great for most hair textures and allows the hair to fall beautifully into place whether dried naturally or with a blow-dryer. This technique also helps extend your time between haircuts (razor is not used on naturally curly hair). Marie is experienced, dedicated, professional and a talented artist. Your appearance is Marie’s highest priority. Schedule your next appointment with Marie Venter, and you will find a true Artist.

Innovative: [in-uh-vey-tiv] having the quality or power of creating.

Definition: (“CREATIVE”)

Please note that a 48 hour notice is required for cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. If less than a 48 hour notice is given, there will be a $50.00 cancellation fee. You will need to pay the fee prior to the scheduling of another appointment.