Important Service Information

Innovative Hair Designs Inc.

Important information you should know when having service. 

Dear Client,

If you are chosen to receive a bleach, color, chemical, Haircut/DevaCut or wax service with us. We pride ourselves on our high level of skill and long-lasting relationships with our guests, which are achieved by intensive training, continuing education, and the use of high-grade products designed to respect both our clients and the environment. Because bleach, color, chemical, or wax services can have varying results based on your individual hair and/or skin, it is extremely important that you make your stylist aware of any and all processes you have used on your hair and/or skin, as well as relevant medical conditions & treatments. Examples include: previous color or chemical treatments, both professional & at home; acne treatments and skincare products containing retinol; pregnancy; hormone treatments; and allergies. We want you to feel comfortable contacting Innovative Hair Designs at any time after your service if you have any questions or concerns.


For clients receiving a Hair Color correction or Bleach Service:

Please understand that the darker your hair color initially is (and if applicable, the type of hair color previously used on it), the more difficult it will be to lift to a blonde and may often require multiple processes to achieve desired results. Your stylist will attempt to lift hair as light as it will take safely, then tone and/or apply color as needed. If a client desires a lighter color after one process, they have the option of returning at a later date and having the service done again at the same price. Clients must understand that bleach can strip the hair of its protein, and after bleaching services hair may feel dry, brittle, or mushy, with the chance of breakage, and that there will be more maintenance required afterwards–deep conditioning treatments, use of professional products, and regular trims–to help maintain the integrity of the hair. Additionally, going back to a darker color may not be possible within the first couple weeks after bleaching. This release exempts any satisfaction guarantees offered, as the bleaching process has very different results on different hair types/colors. The same guidelines apply for corrective color services in which bleach is used.

During your visit, you may be asked to sign a service waiver form at the salon.